We have reached Dublin Zoo

This week we have finished our whole school journey to Dublin Zoo from Limerick. All classes really enjoyed taking part in this activity over the past few weeks and keeping an eye on our progress on the notice board. 

The Active School Flag Committee met early last week to decide how we should celebrate and mark our achievement. We decided that all classes had to complete one last kilometre but they must do it with a difference. The classes came up with different ideas and they took photos and videos, which were then sent to Mrs. Quinn. Mrs. Quinn then decided on a winning class who received a prize for the most innovative idea. 

Some of creative laps included: Walzing, Leap frogs, dabbing, animal walks, three legged walks, 'cha cha cha', balancing bean bags, trains, mexican wave and collapsing bridges.



Active Schools Week = Active Maths


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Saturday, 22 September 2018

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