Active Schools Week


This week the school will be celebrating “Active Schools Week”. The children may wear their tracksuits all week.


We started the week yesterday with an obstical course on the field for all the classes. The aim of week is that every class should do something active every day. There will be many activities to choose from:

  • Fit for Five
  • Circuits
  • Obstacle Course
  • Walking Bus
  • Walk Around Our Community
  • And maybe even a Teachers V Pupils Match!!!!

As part of our ‘Active Schools Week’ we are organising a walking bus to get to school on Wednesday 24th May. The children are encouraged to meet teacher volunteers at Raheen Church between 8.30am- 8.45am and walk down the road to school, instead of being dropped at the school.  The ‘bus’ will depart Raheen church at 8.45am and the teachers will accompany the children down to the school. 




I Like to Move it Move it!!!
UL Sports Day


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Saturday, 22 September 2018

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